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LXR exclusive collections, feature vibrant and colorful 70’s inspired that aim for a better ethical and environmental footprint. A range of transeasonal and bespoke pieces are all on the menu for a throwback to the decade of love, happiness and rock & roll.

The collections are infused with cool, playful and youthful silhouettes that feature unexpected colors and details breaking away from the traditional fashion system.

LXR’s mantra is to create pieces to last!

“People are what matter most in life. I care about designing pieces and wishing them to last forever while I am carefully considering what works best quality-wise in alternative materials and will harm no one.

Indeed, quality fabrics inspire every stage of my designs that I want unique, attractive and out of time.

I exert every effort to create timeless elegance that hopefully will contribute in making people smile in and having a happy day.

“Engaging with local partners, connecting with clients and highlighting the magical work of passionate craftsmen is the backbone of my day job.” Yasmine Ammal

Go green or go home

LXR designs are exclusively made from veg-tanned leather that aim for a better ethical and environmental footprint.

Vegetable tanning is to process the hides in a pure and natural way without using harmful chemicals.

It is able to join comfort and style, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility in the product in the most environmental-friendly way.